Tuesday, January 18, 2011

lack of time

have no time to update this...is busy with my studies recently..-.-'''

btw,we went to Penang last weekend..we had fun there..and all things happened "accidentally" but then was quite perfectly.. haha..-the ferry,the hotel,the rapid penang........O.o luckily,the hotel we stayed was strategic enough..for sure,Penang is quite convenient. i mean the transport-rapid penang..and is Great,haha,we can eat Chinese food...for 3 days.there are lots of pictures in friend's camera.......no time to get from her.

we visited kek lok si.for sure, if u went to Penang..the Guan Yin still in renovation.and become shorter than before...haiz. rumours said that Guan Yin cannot taller than the "big onion" wor.>.<

they spent lots of $$ on shopping,rm500++ per person.all shopaholic man~

once,we praised Penang better than Malacca weh.how come?in fact, we still LOVE malacca larx.

wheee~am going back to Malacca next Thursday. and CNY is real soon....=)

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