Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm scare now.everything happened too the matters become more complicated.She asked, how does these will happened?She feel like crying likely as me...and i wonder does it explode?maybe explode will be the best word to describe...and it's, is hard to control their feeling.they are too angry.all out of sudden..and im reli get angry and upset too...

well, what i expected she looks on me since i met her,is TRUE.did she change? change till like this?or i never know her well?why are we so mad with u,is just because we CARE about you know that?why must u do that to us?

U get really HURT ME,n US.i appreciate u,u,n u.....I'm really scare right now.will we be friend like previous? or be enemy? everything will be alright at tonight huh?tonight......the "conversation".....i don't know what's going to happen...again...T.T

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