Sunday, January 2, 2011


felt like dying yest.the room seemed like 100000.. years nobody stayed.was fulled of DUST.oh my god><  after unpack all my things,really felt like dying+tiring.oh gosh O.o

wheeee~spot the green light!!is firework!!this was the view in the bus.zzz.

although im nt in malacca,cannot countdown with the loves for dis new year.but then luckily...the bus passed by KL yest.we saw KLCC n KL tower.damn nice view~n saw those firework(the main point).=) we shouted,we laughed when it was 12am for 01/01/2011 n when we saw the firework,..damn funny.(like nobody beside us in the bus).*.* luckily,i have the chance to countdown weh.hehe.btw,HApPY NEw yeAr!!!

love u guys~c u guys 2mr....have to go to class 2mr.suppose is today,coz of the Suzuki piala,2day is holiday.i love Kedah for this moment.only >.<'''

Seniors said Sem 2 is the hardest....scare@@

wheeee~going for movie n shopping

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