Saturday, February 26, 2011


am very blurxxxx...!yesterday went out with friends to settle my lunch and to buy some groceries as well, but am forgot to bring my purse out... ><

today morning i was doing my assignments...the time i wanted to get my file from the rack, i dropped my essay book and it hits my laptop then hits my bottles which was fulled of water and finally the water spurted like volcano spurted the ash into the air.o.o my reaction at that time was: *what happened?what's going on?oh man~*
i scared my roommate as well...she said i flooded the room...*.*  in this incident, well,,,i broke my bottle and my mechanical pencil.i need to wipe the floor and my desk as well...(what's all this?! i just woke up at that time,oh man~) wt...dut u! (luckily i didn't broke my laptop...bro won't let me go...) -.-'''

oh my goodness...i was so damn clumsy...!stop being so clumsy,haw hwe nee!*slapping*

*exam is just around the corner,dun be so blurxxx in ur exam,girl...cheersss o.O*

*hey you, dude.stop being act like u know me very well...stop saying i get shy when i saw u...u r nothing..just irritating..*

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