Monday, February 14, 2011

happy Valentine's day ya.

wheeeee~...just came back from celebrating Valentine's day...=)

this was my frist time celebrate Valentine's day at here...=)

the main point is,,,i celebrated with the GIRLS...>.<    well,we went KFC and ate KFC to celebrate o.o what the..///...and and i saw many sweet couples in the Secret Recipe......*envy*  hehe.
ehem,it doesn't matter,im still young~didnt that desperate to find a partner.muahaha..><

then we went clinic...two of us had food poisoning since this morning..take good care of yourself,girls.
by the way,thx for the guy who fetch us back to hostel just now.
you all are nice person the code of brotherhood...=)
im still very happy today.cheerssss=)

ishhhh...get jealous at my roommate this afternoon.coz she received the valentine's present from a guy.
see see,,,, 
"to the one i love...with all my love on Valentine's day"...haha...and the rose...the guy handmade one.looks not bad.

and this one,she's eating chance to take pic for the real one.o.O

...roommate,u win what?! i let u win larx...=p (but then, i heard u said wanna return the choc to him 1,who's the one eating now? =p)

oh addicted to a song right now-"Slip Away" by Andy Lau...after watching the movie, "What Women Want",oh my totally addicted to this song...seriously,is NICE.damn LIKE the lyrics am listen to this song every night.=)

phewwit~tomorrow is holiday...('',)v
lots of assignments to finish *.*

*em,sometime ONE is better than TWO.isn't it?*

*but sometime.............

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